Harvest 2012: At the Winery

[Oops, forgot to post this from October!]  Harvest is in full swing and we’re all brimming over with grapes!  Near-perfect climate produced a large–and excellent–crop throughout Napa Valley, and Virage was no exception.

All in the Family

At the winery, it was a great time this year with family visiting.  Here’s my brother Barney the restaurant kitchen designer/builder –and fun Tracy his super cyclist girlfriend–checking out the fruit sorting before they head off to ride a quick 40 miles up and down a mountain as a warm-up to the upcoming century ride in Sonoma County.

Look at those pretty clusters… At “AO” we indulge in both “insorting” of clusters, to remove leaves and raisined bunches, if any, and “outsorting” of individual berries, after de-stemming, to grab bits of stem (“jacks”) that come through with the grapes.

A former  estimator for a specialty stainless fabricator, the little brother was definitely impressed with the stainless array at Alpha Omega.  While this industry has very sophisticated equipment, I actually think my best lot of Cabernet Franc from 2011 was made in a macro bin (a big plastic tub!)  This year, most of our wine was fermented at AO and one lot went to Terra Valentine on Spring Mountain.  Full tanks all over the valley made for added adventure this harvest!

Nice digs.  Virage Merlot fermenting in 1st Tank on left


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