OK, I’m a huge fan of Morimoto fare.  So, I’m beyond THRILLED to share that they’ll be adding Virage Rosé to their wine list in July!  No better pairing for their elegant appetizers, including the signature “paved” Toro Tartare, photo here from one fabulous dinner courtesy of my favorite Alabama club member who visited last year.

And how lovely my rosé will be with spicy king crab, the tuna pizza, oyster foie gras, the pork gyoza (yes, you can always count on “pink and pork” to work together!)  I can’t wait to try every combination.

Morimoto is just a must-stop on visits to the newly-revamped downtown Napa scene.  And definitely THE dress-to-impress, see-and-be-seen spot.  Great waterfront site, beautifully appointed.  If you’ve got time to relax and let the chef plan your dinner, I recommend the “Omakase” tasting menu.  Especially with a bottle of Virage, rosé to start and the red blend to finish with the Washugyu filet…


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  1. Marisa says:

    Congrats Emily! Huge accomplishment! You should be very proud! I am for you

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