Custom Etched Bottles

It’s always inspiring to watch a talented craftsman at work.  Especially when that craftsman is creating beautiful hand-etched magnums of Virage!

Dave uses a lathe to laser-cut a stencil for sandblasting out his design.  He does this micro-sandblasting by hand to ensure an even “excavation.”  On a full bottle of wine!  What makes Dave so cool is that in his “day job” he runs heavy excavation equipment–the kind of stuff you ride around on.  Quite a range of skills on this guy…

With full creative license to design what he thinks suits our brand, he decided to do a ‘reverse’ image of our label.  He can do a perfect re-creation of the paper label; but Dave says, “I hate it when someone gets real close and says, ‘oh, it’s etched.'”  He wants to use the glass in the design in ways a paper label can’t do.  Very cool.

The next step is painting. Dave mixes paint, keeps up a conversation, disciplines his son, finely misting layers of color, no problem.  We went with two colors:  cream for the logo and gold to highlight the vintage and NAPA VALLEY.  Meanwhile, to give Dave a break from my questions, I can head out front while his son explains to me the intricacies of flying radio-controlled helicopters… also very cool.

The project is to create 20 beautiful hand-etched, wax-dipped 1.5L bottles that will be donated to special auctions and charity events and hopefully enjoyed with a wonderful meal by the winning bidders and their friends.  I’m just sure this wine will taste even better with all the love Dave has put into creating a beautiful bottle.

The first three went to the investor families that made Virage possible.  Here’s #4 of 20 back at the winery before shipping off to the Pacific Coast Wine Festival to support music programs for kids!


About Emily Richer

Investment banker turned right banker.
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