Magic Capsules

I never paid much attention to wine capsules–the foils you remove to open a bottle of wine.  OK, maybe some are easier than others to cut.  But once I wandered into the Ramondin showroom, I was totally charmed by these beautiful miniature sculptures!

I want a cool one for Virage!!

Isn’t this like everything in life–focus on it, learn a bit, and you want the beautiful, refined thing.  Note to self:  stay out of showrooms.

But in this case, yippee, only costs a few cents more to do a custom color.

Some brands go all out, decorating the top and sides (the “skirt”), using embossed letters and designs.  Looking at them all together, you can’t help but be impressed.

I took home a little box of favorites —all rich dark golds, bronzes, browns, eggplants, black–and I carry them around like a box of chocolate truffles.  Actually, they look a bit like chocolate truffles.  No wonder I’m craving chocolate.

What fun to choose!!  But, back to reality, not fun on a deadline!  Guess what, they are made in Spain, and guess who goes on vacation the entire month of August.  Uh oh.  Decisions, decisions… I think a matte black to match the “virage” script, or maybe a very dark chocolate brown/black.  Nice to have a tiny bit of sparkle.

After all, this bottle should be dressed for dinner.


About Emily Richer

Investment banker turned right banker.
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