Buckle up…

Perhaps our brand name, Virage, fits our business as well –launching a start-up in the wine industry today is not unlike taking banked turns on a mountain road at high speed.  Not for the inexperienced driver.

I’ve gone over the edge a few times, hit the bank, and had to back up and start anew.  But does anything worthwhile ever follow a straight path?

We are about producing a fine expression of a right-bank style blend from Napa Valley. Informed by great producers on the right bank of the river running through Bordeaux–where merlot and cabernet franc lead the blends–our founding advisor Aaron Pott helped confirm the cool corners of Napa Valley where these grapes thrive.  The ‘right site’ is key to fully expressing flavor potential, to creating layered, memorable wines.  We are lucky to have access to some great vineyard sites.  In sourcing exceptional grapes, we are blessed with smooth curves.

In my role–pulling together our business resources, licensing, systems–it’s another story.  Bumps in the road?  I now refer to each day as a ‘Constant Virage.’  What do you do during your day?  I’m a long way from where I started–in Los Angeles, in investment banking, a hard-working analyst surrounded by promising, dedicated, and motivated professionals.  Long hours, hard work, but generally straight roads.

But I’m not complaining!

Anyway, I’m not the sexy one in this partnership; I may be the winemaker but I’m also the business manager.  The grapes are the stars.  In today’s tough market, paying attention to the business means we achieve something as important as a gorgeous wine:  affordability and sustainability. That’s my job!  And I’ve got my seatbelt on.




About Emily Richer

Investment banker turned right banker.
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